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Open 24x7


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Company Policy

No Refund

2 - Must present valid photo I.D. to create new acct/redeem
3 - $ will not be added on any “pending”/”on hold” donations
4 – Maximum Redeem: $350 per 24 hours
5 – Minimum Redeemable: $30
6 -Minimum Donation is $5
7 – Donations that are older than 24 hours will not be honored
7 - Any claims of unadded donations must be made within 24 hours of initial donation date
8 - We are not responsible for game system/software malfunctions errors/glitch. Play at your own risk!
9 - Must be 18 years of age or older to play
10 - We reserve the right to refuse service
11 – We will not honor refund request requesting a refund will invalidate your donation
12 – Use of any foul language will get you banned


1 - Referral Bonus: for introducing a new client who, upon request, makes a minimum donations of $20.
2 - New client Bonus: If on their first play, any NEW client gives $20.
3 - On request, they can get a bonus of 20% off their recharge.
4 - Birthday Bonus: 20% of recharge is awarded annually on the date of birth; to redeem, a driver’s license or official identification card must be presented.
5. If ur redeem amount is below 2x of deposit, then regular bonus amount is deducted from the total amount. (Only valid to depositer depositing above $25)
6. For depositer below $25 must have to redeem Minimum redeem at 2 times the deposit.

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